Class Dates and Locations

All classes held at New Castle classroom 1500 Devereux Rd., Unit B, Glenwood Springs, CO
All classes start at 6pm sharp until 10 pm

Apprentice classes start on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, ends Thursday May 24, 2018. There will be no Christmas Break this year. This will be a fast-paced accelerated class. Several Mondays will be added to all classes as home study or a satellite class based on the curriculum. The apprenticeship program must have 144 hours of curriculum in one school year.

Instructor Contact Information

1st year (Wednesday)    
Joshua Brewer JRB798404@msn.com 970.274-6438
Ray Gendron ray.gendron@pitkincounty.com 970.618-9308
2nd year (Thursday)    
Jeff Zelenka jez223@yahoo.com 970 618-3452
Alex Bond Alex.Bond@encoreelectric.com 970.366-9516
3rd year (Tuesday)    
Steve Hiscock fei@sopris.net 970.379-1347
Josh Pizzino Josh.Pizzino@encoreelectric.com 719.491-4195
4th year (Tuesday)    
Jeff Cunningham   electricain16@raelectric.com 970.379-8860


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