1500 Devereux Rd. Unit B Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
(970) 945-1079

Class Dates & Locations

All classes are held in the IEC classroom.

All classes start at 6pm sharp and are over at 10pm. Classes are held at the Glenwood Springs classroom:

1500 Devereux Rd., Unit B
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

The apprenticeship program requires 144 hours of curriculum in one school year.

*Registration starts July 11, 2022 and ends July 22, 2022.

 – In-person:  Classes start the week of August 8, 2022. The classes are in session for two semesters/18 weeks each semester.

Visit the Apprenticeship Training page to install the Turning Point Portal app if required by teacher. 

 Online:  Classes start on August 22, 2022. On-line classes are in session for two semester/15 weeks each. If you are an on-line student, you are an adjunct Student with the IEC of Utah chapter.

After you have registered through the On-line Portal a long access code will be sent the first night of class by 5 pm. 

*You will need your username and password to access online training. Please contact Neva if you do not have access.

First Year - Lab area downstairs

Matt Pfalzgraff - Tuesday Night - 6pm

 970.379.7224 – electrician2@raelectric.com

Mike Morford - Wednesday Night - 6pm

970.379.3854 – Morford186@gmail.com

Gary Kirchberg - Thursday Night - 6 pm

970.987.2677 – Garykay@sopris.net

Second Year - Upstairs rooms 4 or 5

Alex Bond - Monday Night - 6pm

970.366.9516 – Alex.Bond@Encoreelectric.com

Anthony Walker - Tuesday Night - 6pm

970.379.1769 – anthonyw@Littellelectric.com

Ever Rios Bonilla - Wednesday Night - 6pm

720.628.5489 – noepelon08@gmail.com

Third Year

Steve Hiscock - Monday Night - 6pm

970.379.1347 – fei@sopris.net

Fourth Year

Jeff Cunningham - Wednesday​ Night - 6pm

970.379.8860 – electrician16@raelectric.com